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Station 19 Season 4 poster

Station 19 Season 4

Seattle is a huge and developing city, which is characterized by high dynamics of life. In such an orderly chaos, incidents can sometimes occur that require the immediate intervention of special services. Fire station number nineteen, located within the boundaries of this metropolis, is engaged in ensuring the elimination of hotbeds of fire. Andy Herrera is a brave representative of this division. Many people underestimate her, believing that the girl got into the squad only because her father runs the station. The newcomer of the team, Ben Warren, is just getting involved in the life of the fire sector, but he is already making the first progress, because he knows what a big responsibility is. Previously, the character worked as an anesthesiologist at a local hospital. Lieutenant Jack Gibson is fearless and very experienced, and police officer Raina Tanner often takes part in the same cases as the main characters. Every day is another task for the heroes, another challenge that could have become routine if it weren't for the human drama behind it all.

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